7.24: addn/dev.audio/algorithms to shoot for
. the electronic music would be fun with a program that turns your voice
into orchestration with an algorithm,
there are a few patterns that are very pleasing without having to vary
as long as the root note sequece leading them is varying .

8.29: addn/dev.audio/some gear:
first the Korg N-364 workstation,
then I began to collect equipment for my homestudio.
Now there is:
Roland JP-8000, Korg N-364, Alesis QSR,
Mackie CR1604-VLZ mixer, Alesis RA100 amplifier, Alesis Monitor One monitors,
Echo Audiofire 2 soundcard.
And I dream about Access Virus TI and Alesis A6 Andromeda :)
10.25: todo.web/addn/dev.audio:
sampling is key word for compositing song parts .