blogging for addx project

6.12: proj"g'code connected to an active blogger:
todo: [done]
. update the source tabs of g'code
to indicate planning is being shown at blogger .
. be brave and blogger any addx notes that have been proof read,
and that are you're own ideas;
( corollary: rethink how personal notes are copying others' works )
. it's just a blog, if you have something reusable to say,
put that on knowl's .

6.18: proj"update g'code:
. added a blog to each project {addm, adda, addx, adde}
and ended the summary with:
. there is no code at this time; just a blog .
) .
6.18: proj.addn/net.g'blog/layout changed:
. found color variations that were more subtle,
and had to stop using the adsense between each entry
because on those ad's, it wouldn't let me change the colors
(loud green titles) .
. tough finding colors, here is a dark blue: 0606BB ...
then, no: I can't just take the palate they're giving;
except these grey's:
808080 dark grey
e6e6e6 grey
. here is a list of colors
. they taught me to get a feel for the numbers:
the colors go like
ffffff: white(full color),
00000: black(absent color)
when all 3 bytes are the same, that is colorless shade of grey;
then differences in the bytes have this ordering:
choices for the 2 sites:
e6e6e6 grey background
555555 dark grey text .
. for links, take the text color and
885555 -- redish it for seen-links
555599 -- bluish it for new-links
. for black background (at doc's) things were inverted like so:
aaaaaa -- text
baaaaa -- redish
aaaabc -- bluish

6.23: mis.addn/net.g'blog/importing html:
. the copy from seamonkey code to blog messed up, adding newlines,
try saving the page and then opening with firefox,
then copying the page normally (not by view-copying code)
and see if it saves the links and other html .
[11.29: I didn't say whether it worked?!]

proj.addn/g'blog/tags are not space-delimited keyword lists:
. after finding gadgets and seeing how they would index your tags
I noticed that [atleast without commas in the list]
all the tag.words were treated as one giant tag;
so, instead of treating it like a keywords list,
I renamed all the tags as I would subj names:
{pol, gear mobi trike, gear security, etc} .

6.24: proj.addn/net.g'blogs/layout and color selection:
. change layout and colors on blogs,
figure how to change text colors
. I was at this page and it had some nice blue in it,
so I looked in the code, and found the numbers for a blue .
. but then -- after I decided the background was too dark
because it made even greys too glaring --
I got a light blue from the pallet
and then to see it better,
I zeroed the lower nibble of each byte: C0D0F0 .

news.addn/net.g'blogs/picassa-powered graphics:
. my picts uploaded for blogger were put into a picassa site here: