svn on g'code

6.18: g'code/how to add code:
your source repository:

1. For instructions on how to check out a project's repository
from the command line, go to the Source tab.
Any user, regardless of whether they have a Google account,
can check out and browse the repository anonymously,
while project owners and members are granted full read and write permissions.
You can add project owners and members at the Administer tab.

2. If you plan on synching from an existing repository,
you must click the Reset This Repository link
at the bottom of the Source tab page
before making any other changes to your project's repository.
This includes creating any new wiki pages
because resetting the repository results in the loss of wiki content.
Do not start a wiki page in your project before you complete this step.

. on the source tab`page it says this:

New project? You can reset this repository
so that svnsync can be used to upload existing code history.
Command-Line Access
If you plan to make changes,
use this command to check out the code as yourself

svn checkout https://addm.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ addm --username dr.addn

When prompted, enter your generated[*] googlecode.com password.
. Your googlecode.com password: random
This password is used by project owners and members when
checking out or committing source code changes,
or when using command-line tools to upload files to the project "Downloads" tab.

After you've been working with your project for a while,
the following subtabs on the Source tab will come in handy:
* Browse subtab
-- Allows you to browse the files and directories in your project
as they existed at a point in time.
* Changes subtab
-- Lists changes made to the repository.
You can also use this subtab to start a code review of any change.

Documenting your Project on the Wiki Tab

You can use the functionality under the Wiki tab
to create wiki pages for your project. Our wiki syntax is inspired by the
MoinMoin wiki syntax, and is more or less a subset of it.
We've found that MoinMoin is one of the most popular open source wikis
and provides a clean syntax for users.

Perform the following to create a wiki page:

1. In your project, click the Wiki tab.
2. Click the New page subtab.
3. Type the Page Name. This value must be alphanumeric with no spaces.
You won't be able to change this name later,
so be careful.
4. Enter the text and syntax for the page in the Content field.
Learn more about the wiki syntax.
5. Click a link in one of the Labels fields to see the available list of labels.
Labels help the user determine how relevant the wiki page is to them.
6. Click Preview, Save page, or Discard.

Subversion -- do you use?

We currently use Subversion 1.5.4, made available via WebDAV.
developers must use authenticated https:// to commit changes.

new to open source... how do I run an open source project?
If you are new, you should plan to
participate in existing open source projects to learn how they work.
You might also want to check out Karl Fogel's book,
Producing Open Source Software.